There's no denying that you need time and brain space to cultivate a successful career. However, if I can summarise it in a few sentences, the pandemic has taught all of us how to adapt to new situations, how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to promote hygiene in our lives, how to be patient and that nothing is forever!   

Further, working moms make sacrifices that are totally worth it. I believe the sacrifices I make as a working mom are not really sacrifices, to me. They are the choices I’ve made, at this point in time (because, with kids, nothing is forever, too),

And likewise, any struggle/hard time, pain or illness will pass when you have hope & faith. I’m privileged to be able to build a professional life, and as much as I wanted to have a career, I wanted to be a mother, too. As priorities shift constantly, there should be a balance between the two. Therefore, always be ready and understand the impact of change. Remember, nothing is forever!

Good days are ahead all of us!