If you share our vision, our readers would love to hear from you

We make it easy for anyone to have a voice, to launch ideas that can make the world better, no matter how big or small. If you’re interested in sharing your content with our community of readers, here’s some useful information to get you started.

Article topics we welcome

Inspiring positive change in the world can cover many themes such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Clean energy and carbon neutrality
  • Wellbeing and mental health
  • Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles
  • Gender equality and diversity

Guidelines for writers

You can become a BBEB Contributor by creating your own content, as well as sharing content. All posts will be reviewed first, and only approved content will be published.

You’ll find our full set of guidelines here (PDF) and, to give you a quick idea, here’s a brief summary of what the guide covers:

  • Our platform is designed to share stories that are important to you and your communities on how we are building the world back ever better… together
  • Talk about what you know and are proud of, not what you sell
  • Think about what your communities’ challenges are and address them with your insights
  • Be positive
  • Submit content that is authentic. Your opinion is important
  • Submit content that you are passionate about
  • Tell the world your story on how you are building back ever better!

How you’ll benefit from contributing to BBEB

Increasing your exposure to new audiences and building your following with compelling content are fundamental to your success as a writer.

Being featured on the BBEB site will also improve your search engine ranking. That’s all down to the featured backlink to your own site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts believe that writing for a guest site is over five times more beneficial for your search engine ranking than posting the same article on your own website.

Build your following

As one of our authors, you’ll have your own profile page featuring your photo, your bio, your social links and a summary of all the posts you’ve ever written on BBEB. It will also detail your ‘most liked’, ‘most read’ and ‘most shared’ posts.

You can share this link with anyone as BBEB content is completely open to readers across the globe.

Track your Expert Influence score

As an author on our platform you’ll receive regular reports covering a variety of metrics such as the number of reads and the commercial impact of your content. For example, you’ll be able to see who clicked-through to your post from a newsletter or which clients received your content from colleagues. You can also track your Expert Influencer Score (EI Score).

5 quick tips to get you started

  • Write an article that you’d enjoy reading yourself
  • Whatever your subject matter, focus on inspiring positive change
  • Well researched articles have more credibility
  • Simple arguments are usually more persuasive
  • If your article reads like a story, it’s likely to be more engaging