Intertek Japan has held an online sustainability awareness event with colleagues and their children. Each participant picked one of the SDGs topics and presented their personal goals and actions to the group. 

Here are some examples from the children…you will be surprised with their knowledge and awareness of the importance of making the world more sustainable!

“I picked #7 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY. Many people in the world are having hard time without electricity. What I could do are: do not leave the lights on, unplug unnecessary outlets, use a bicycle, study the current situation and think about future energy.”…. TARO, Age 11

“I learnt the fact that many foods are discarded from learning about the goal #12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION. To reduce waste of food, I would be careful for not taking too much food from buffet table!” …. MIYABI, Age 8

“I got to know that in the world there are kids who cannot go to school because of poverty and there are girls who cannot go to school just because of their gender. To achieve the goal #1 NO POVERTY, I will donate clothes I no longer wear. I will try not to waste my money. I hope we have a future where everyone can live happily.” …. URARA, Age 7

“I considered about water from several point of view, such as #3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING, #6 CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION, #7 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY. I think if I donate the countries that are in need of water, infrastructures in the countries will be in place; if I will care for not leaving the water running, we can reduce waste of water and energy; if I drink tap water, we can reduce plastic bottles. I will learn about water more to figure out the problem.” …. YUMA, Age 11

“I got interested in #9 INDUSTRIES, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Someone invented the internet, so now I can enjoy playing games with my friends. I also want to make something with new technology in the future!” …. RISA, Age 10

"Marine plastic wastes are harming fish and we are eating them! My idea is marking the package of the fish in the supermarket to indicate whether the fish come from dirty sea or clean sea. It will change sellers’ attitude as well as buyers’. I think it would become possible to reach several goals not only #14 LIFE BELOW WATER but more at the same time if major companies think of mechanism to solve the problem.” …. RIKO, Age 12

“I thought about #14 LIFE BELOW WATER. There are activities to reduce plastic waste worldwide. For example, Starbucks have started using paper straws and paper cup for cold drink. What else can we do? We would reduce the waste of plastic bottles on the beach if using our own thermos bottle. It would be cheaper than buying bottled water!" …. KAIRI, Age 11