I often post about how the power of technology and data helps us drive the changes and solutions that the world needs - especially with the ever-growing importance of making progress on the sustainability agenda.

And this article in the FT about why more managers are going back to nature...., where they talk about stepping out into nature as part of a learning approach, is a brilliant reminder that solutions are never just tech or just data.  

Most of our sustainability goals are still massively dependent on changes in human behaviour.  This means most solutions require a person to be engaged to deliver the purpose that the solution is meant to help.  The best solutions combine the tech with people who actually want to deliver a change.  

As we each look at our own company's sustainability goals, our science-based targets and the standards we expect from our supply chains in social compliance, for example, we will do well to remember that there are many ways to help people and companies learn and improve.  

Experiencing nature itself, as this article describes, is a great way to change that learning experience and move the purpose from the head to the heart - and when that happens, our teams and our supply chains will usually achieve more.  Because people really feel it...

So although we may not be able to get our supply chains out in nature, we do have the opportunity to engage the individuals in different ways.  It's going to be key that we grasp and appreciate that they need to understand our objectives both at an 'Individual level' as well as at our own 'company level'.  

And our training approaches and tools (I couldn't leave without referencing some tech) need to be able to accommodate that!!  

How are you evolving your learning ecosystem?