Intertek’s Electrical laboratory in Cortland, NY participated in the area’s first annual Punkin Chunkin on October 21st to raise money and food donations for the communities’ local food banks. In competition with Voyant Beauty, another manufacturing company and the Friends of the Boy Scouts, Intertek engineers and staff built our slingshot to launch pumpkins toward the 200 ft. target. With ten chances to hit the mark per company, the team with the highest number of points would be deemed the champions.

The punkin chunkin competition was held at Yaman Park, and the entry fee was a non-perishable food donation. Intertek didn’t take home the trophy, but the event was still a huge success. It was attended by over 100 people, and we raised $3,200 and roughly $2,500 in food items for the local food banks.

Aside from donating to a much-needed cause as the holiday season approaches, the event gave staff the opportunity to participate in a friendly competition with other local organizations.