As part of the BBEB program I decided to run a 2 day Work shop giving 63 youngsters a chance to connect with people all over the globe via Amateur radio. Children from the ages of 8 upwards completed a variety of task to achieve their communication badge over 2 days which included a over night camp and BBQ.

This would be the first time we have done an activity together as a group since the start of the COVID-19 so this was a great chance to get everyone together and discuss how they were feeling since lockdown.

We made contact with People from all walks of life, age, and interests, and spent time transmitting photographic Images as well as receiving satellite images from the weather satellites.

We also did some particle work with the older Kids including Knot work, constructing furniture for use on camp along with designing trebuchets with items laying around and about the camping area. 

Everyone taking part received commemorative badges and hopefully happy memories of the the event.

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