Bantayan Island in Cebu received an electricity supply boost with the operation of Isla Norte Energy Corporation's (INEC) 23.3-megawatt diesel engine power plant.

Located in Barangay Kabangbang, INEC president and chief executive officer Emil Andre Garcia said the plant's operations can address power shortages and spur the growth of the local economy of Bantayan Island, an emerging tourist destination in Cebu province.

"The plant has a guaranteed dependable capacity of 15MW, which is sufficient to address the peak demand of Bantayan Island," INEC said in a statement.

"The operation of the INEC plant finally resolves the pressing demand for a stable, dependable, and sufficient power supply that has, thus far, eluded Bantayan Island residents," it said.

INEC, an incorporated joint venture of Vivant Integrated Diesel Corporation and Gigawatt Power Inc., bagged a 15-year power supply agreement to fulfill the demand of Bantayan Electric Cooperative Inc. (Banelco) following a competitive selection process.