In the link below Bernard Marr talks about the top 5 trends in 2023 and highlights the following 5 trends for 2023:

  1. Investing in skills to tackle workforce challenges
  2. AI, automation, digital twins, and the internet of things
  3. Ongoing supply chain disruption
  4. Net zero, ESG, and Sustainability in manufacturing
  5. Decentralized Manufacturing

All topics you're likely to have seen before but with a common thread - people and technology.  Which then shines the spotlight on number 1 which is about investing time in growing the skills of our people to be able to leverage these technologies to the full.

Digitizing the supply chain mapping, creating digital twins, visualizing (and communicating) the traceability of our products, and understanding the ever changing expectations around sustainability targets means that our people are having to learn faster and faster.  Individual content expertise is not enough for individuals or companies to be successful - digital and data skills are a must - people now need to supplement their expertise with an understanding of how to use the amazing technologies around them.

Both internally and with our customers we see the need to build People Assurance into our programs becoming a core component.  Using technology to support the visibility of supply chain compliance and quality has been core to our services and tools such as Inlight and it's supply chain assurance.  But I totally agree with Bernard's first point on understanding and growing the skills of our teams being a core challenge for us all.

We will all need to invest in our people to have confidence that they can leverage all the available technologies out there to the full, and so that they understand our company goals and objectives in the ever changing regulatory landscape we now live in.  Technology and informing and educating our internal and external teams is going to be key...