We've been waiting decades for this moment. Sci-fi books and movies have depicted regular citizens with flying cars, flying jetpacks, flying shoes, and other assorted airborne vehicles for years and yet here we are still standing on the ground. 

This Italian company, appropriately named “Jetson”, has developed a new personal flight vehicle that won't require any additional licensing or certifications. Just buy one and off you go, 1,500 feet into the air. Sound scary? Perhaps as scary as its 20-minute max flight times. Better keep a good timer with you.

But you have to start somewhere and this might be the start of something much bigger. 

The Jetson “ONE” model already has hundreds of pre-orders and will begin deliveries to customers beginning in 2024 for the low, low, bargain-basement price starting at $98,000. 

The sky is the limit, ladies and gentlemen. Grab your high-flyer today!