Candy Corn. Just those two words will divide a family. You love it, or you, well… don't! There is no in between. 

Candy Corn continues to be one of the least desired Halloween treats, yet is has persisted since the 1880s when it was first sold as “Chicken Feed” for 25-cents for a one pound bag.

In fact, candy corn became so popular during the fall harvest season that confectioners even experimented with other vegetable-formed candies such as candy pumpkins and turnips!  Due to the slow, laborious candy creation process of the time, treats such as candy corn were only made from March to November, so the tide of candy corn would only wash across the nation around the time of Halloween, hence the inextricable link between the holiday and the candy.

Whether you like the candy (I do!), or don't, the history of Candy Corn is a sweet story. Read it here!