I have been looking at recent group discussions among colleagues, friends, family members and noticed few are worried about the outcome of the COVID vaccine. I saw something very worrisome that few are focused on conspiracy theories about vaccines and constantly referring to negative news coming out of different web news sites, which might not be verified the next day. Although a normal outcome of any vaccine is a negligible number of cases with side effects, a majority is getting immunized. The same is the case with the COVID vaccine.

To be afraid of an unknown danger is totally normal behavior of human however being focused on the negative side start leaving adverse impacts on performance levels in the daily life of a person and the circle around. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of a good colleague and family member to show the positive side of the prevention with the help of available data supported by global authorities i.e. WHO and local authorities of the country. Believing in prevention is the starting point of the cure.