Skateboarding made its first-ever debut in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. And Cariuma’s pro skate team, performing tricks and skills with the brand’s sustainable and ethical sneakers, has been stealing the show.  

While long-time skate brands have made various moves towards sustainability, Cariuma only makes sustainable shoes. The three-year-old Rio-based startup is known for specialising in comfortable, stylish and good-for-the-planet sneakers, like their best-selling IBI model, which is featherweight, carbon-neutral and vegan-friendly. 

Cariuma uses materials like sustainable cork and mamona oil in its memory foam inner soles, ethically sourced natural rubber for the outsole and organic cotton canvas to make its Catiba Pro. All the materials are sourced from manufacturers that recycle 100% of the water used in the process. The whole design is created to be long-lasting, to ensure that each pair gets worn for ages before they reach end-of-life.