Wheat Straw Plastic Alternative

I've been noticing more and more product and packaging being made out of compostable, ethically sourced wheat straw.

Wheat straw plastic is manufactured from the waste of the wheat harvest. The lignin in the wheat straw is what matters. Lignin maintains the structural integrity of the plants. When combined with sugar, it forms a sustainable bioplastic that can be molded into appealing tableware designs for everyday use.

All forms of plastic are bad, but single-use plastic is the worst of all. To avoid the hustle of hauling dinnerware on everyday occasions, we bulk-buy disposable cups, plates, water bottles, straws, and much more that end in the heaps of waste.

The negative impacts of plastic pollution on humans and wildlife have been well-documented and well-researched. The health concerns from uncontrolled plastic pollution have boosted the environmental awareness campaigns.

I did a bit of looking and sure enough even some building materials are being made from agricultural waste products. Wheatboard, also known as Ecoboard, is the next generation of MDF fiber board. It is completely environmentally friendly. Wheatboard is made of 100% high-quality natural wheat straw, not wood.