Nothing brings a group of BBQ hungry Texans together better than a friendly Pulled Pork Cook Off.

Pre-Covid, the Pulled Pork competition was a single department activity.  This year in an effort to Build Back Ever Better, it was expanded to the entire site. Ten of our Intertek Automotive Research employees from different departments cooked and entered their personal recipes which, by the way, they are keeping secret for next year’s competition.  Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and the submissions provided lunch for the entire 300 person staff.

While the actual cooking was an individual effort, the team spirit that is such an integral part of this group shined as we all began to see the shift to “Return to Normal.”  Every entry was submitted with pride and enthusiasm.  The five judges had a BIG job picking the best.  Each cook had his own cheer leaders.  It was a blind competition and the judges couldn’t wait to see who the various submissions belonged to. We all got hungry with the smell of good BBQ wafting thru the building. And if you’re from Texas, ever been to Texas or read anything about Texas, you know BBQ is a Texas staple.  

Pictured below are some of the contestants, some very serious judging and sandwiches going together to hand out for employee lunches.