Working from home: 'We get more done in the office' An article on BBC recently caught my attention, and going through it I wondered how the work from home trend will affect my line of work in 2022? Or, similar line of work as mine for other people? We as sales people have to interact with the clients no matter what, since our job revolves around selling a product or service. The process of selling includes negotiations, back to back meetings, lots of convincing, and so on and so forth. Depending on the situation of course. A few days ago, one of my friend asked me how I socialized during working hours if I was also not going to office, since his job is of procurement and he not necessarily needed to be in office all the time. Little as he knew, we sales people are not needed at the office at all, Mainly because of the nature of our job. Our job is to be on the road, visit new potential customers, organizing meetings with them, meet existing clients as well to maintain the working momentum with them. So the answer I gave him was, I socialized while meeting new and existing customers.

It is worth considering the things that are being affected due to the work from home paradigm. Such as, public transportation. If you are not going to work, you are not using public transport. As we all know, public transportation is somewhat a very important part of the economy's eco system.