Today I was talking to my 8 year old son about football and the players he loves. He named a few - including Christiano Ronaldo of course - but landed on Marcus Rashford as his all-time favourite.  Not at all a football fan myself, I asked him what made Marcus so great.  

He responded that indeed Marcus is a great young sportsman. But what he really loves about him is the fact that he gives lots of his money away to make sure people can have food to eat.

So I Googled Rashford, and was pleasantly surprised to read that he topped the Sunday Times Giving List after raising £20m to tackle food poverty. Wow. Just Wow. 

It's clear that Rashford's efforts have done amazing things for local communities - and it's also pretty amazing that my young son recognised this as something to venerate and look up to.  

Long may Rashford's sport and charitable giving inspire young people to support their communities and give back throughout their lives.