In 2015, Steven Griffin, Carnot Manager for Intertek Automotive Research in San Antonio and his wife, Tami worked with UTSA’s College of Education and Human Development (CoEHD) to establish a unique endowment to help teachers and administrators earn their master’s degree in education. The Betty Lou Griffin and Bertha Rae Damon Endowment for Education provides direct funding to teachers and administrators pursuing a graduate degree via the Urban School Leaders Collaborative (USLC) – a cohort-based preparation program designed for developing leadership capacity within Title 1 K-12 schools found in South Bexar County. The purpose of the collaborative cohort is to support and retain teachers/administrators with a principal focus on social justice advocacy to help students overcome barriers and achieve higher potential. The cohort is a two year graduate program with the first group (25+) graduating in 2019, and the second group (25+) graduating in 2021. A third cohort (25+) is currently enrolled and scheduled to graduate in 2023. Steven and Tami have been funding this program with the goal of achieving $1000/semester/student in parallel with shared (reduced) program costs by UTSA and Texas Tomorrow matching funds so that this program can be funded in perpetuity. This program also receives shared funding via the schools (districts) that it operates in since classroom studies take place on K-12 Title 1 campuses. Metrics show that teachers/administrators of this cohort largely stay within the schools that cost shared their graduate degree, and continue to work with under-privileged children.

April 19 and 20, 2022 are special UTSA Giving Days that unlock University as well as donor gifts. This program and many other worthy programs are identified at the UTSA Giving Day 2022 Website.

If you would like to give to Griffin/Damon Endowment for Education which funds the COEHD USLC collaborative, then the link with instructions follows:

Go to: UTSA Giving Day 2022 or and this directs you to this page.

Click on “GIVE NOW

Under the DONATE Tab,

  • Department or Program*: Use the Pulldown Menu to Select “College of Education & Human Development”.
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The rest is fairly obvious. Select a donation amount, and make gift payment details.