Let me start by saying, I do not agree with the label "troublemakers". I do agree with the sentiment of the article however. It is critical to build a team of individuals that push the buck, challenge the norm, step outside the box, go against the grain, travel the road less traveled.... whichever idiom you prefer, I will leave to you but the bottom line here is we need free thinkers and doers. 

If you build a team of "YES men or women", than you build a team that is solely made up of YOU and as great as we all think we are, success does not come from an individual alone. It comes from working together and bringing different insights at different times for different projects where specialties and expertise are found in places where we dare to listen and allow for creativity and innovative thinking to take place. 

It is a GOOD thing when your teams feel comfortable to professionally challenge the status quo. That to me, defines a true leader. One who is open to all thoughts from all levels of an organisation. Here is where you may find your next big idea!