Sportswear brand New Balance has partnered with GroupM to redefine sustainability through the promotion of positive transformation journeys in Hong Kong, with the launch of its latest 574 Green sneakers.

To encouraging people contribute to this common cause, New Balance Hong Kong has invited Ruby Lau, lifestyle reporter and influencer, to explore three groups of ordinary people in the city who had transformed their lives during lockdown and share their personal stories of how they discovered a life of “new balance” on social media.

Interviewees such as a local artist, barista and indie band, were featured with their positive changes to the city’s culture, nature and soul. To further engage with every consumer, the brand has enhanced the campaign with exclusive offers on eCommerce.

In the first video, local barista Ah Yat was seen brewing coffee and exploring Peng Chau in New Balance’s newest 574 sneakers and shirt, elaborating his passion for coffee and his dream of being a barista. At the end of the video ad, he encouraged HongKongers to break their boundaries and pursue their own passion.