Kids are tough. I only have one, and I sit back and admire parents of 2+ that seem to have it all together. I often wonder if my child is simply wild and needs constant entertainment and distraction to avoid hanging from a light fixture. Our spirited high-energy little boy is on the go from sun up to sun down. His teachers report back the same exact thing but they say he is simply active. He engages with other kids, knows how to share, can get along great with others but he MUST be doing something all of the time. It is exhausting. However when I reflect on why he is like this or Google "does he have ADD or ADHD" I realize his behavior and need to be "on" all the time is due to ME! I am exactly like this. Go, go, go from 5AM to 10PM everyday. Whether it be working, running around to appointments & meetings, cleaning, grocery shopping, anything... I am moving. Before I jump to any Google diagnosis for our energetic wild child, I need to look inward and simply just be. Just breathe. Just listen. Just sit still. He sees me, and he imitates what my husband and I do... so for him, on this Sunday after I am done running around before he wakes up... I will sit with him today and just talk, not do anything else...just be in each others company without thinking about what needs to be done next. I know it takes more than one day to form a habit but I want him to be able to find his calm space in life as he gets older. We all need to simply stop every now and then and just be. 

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!