As sustainable development is a common goal that requires the collective efforts from all walks of society, Earth Day on the 22nd this month marks the opening of Hong Kong's first education and collaboration platform on sustainability, namely Link Sustainability Lab, which is the latest initiative of Link Asset Management Limited.

The Lab is a 6,800-sq.ft. hub located in Lok Fu Place open to the public with free admission. The Lab not only showcases Link’s sustainable measures across its business operations, but also illustrates how the best practices of sustainability can be achieved in small practical steps in our everyday lives and business operations.

At the opening ceremony, Link Chairman Nicholas Allen says, “In this easily accessible Lab, Link illustrates how the long-term vision of sustainability can be broken down into many actionable pathways and achievable smaller goals.”

“By making sustainability accessible, actionable and achievable, Link hopes to popularise sustainability knowledge and demonstrate that sustainability can be adopted by everyone in the community as a viable lifestyle and business model,” adds Allen.

As over 60% of the tenants in Link’s Hong Kong portfolio are engaged in food related businesses, the Lab’s first thematic exhibition is set to be "Take Eat Seriously" with the aim of letting visitors explore the connection between the modern food system and people’s daily lives through fun and interactive experiences, including a sustainable Cha Chaan Teng that demonstrates on how to eat smart for a better planet. 

Link Chief Operating Officer Ex. Mainland China Greg Chubb explains at the opening ceremony, “With this Lab, we aim to create a platform that connects our stakeholders, including our shoppers, tenants, suppliers, business partners, industry peers, and many other organisations in our community, making our properties ideal places for people in all walks of life to learn and explore sustainability solutions.”