The Pandemic has questioned our health and wellbeing. We now realise that a healthy diet and getting the right vitamins and minerals will boost our immune system and help our bodies to fight infections such as the common cold, flu as well as COVId-19. However, its not just vitamins and minerals that are required, there are proteins, fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acids that are required to keep our immune system healthy. Such nutrients are found in many different types of foods so its important that we maintain a balanced diet.

As we get older and certainly into older age we may start experiencing a lower appetite so it becomes extremely important to have a greater understanding of their diets to ensure that they receive all the nutrients required to boost the immune system. The Elderly population is increasing dramatically and the food industry is looking at the specific needs for this generally affluent population group.  In addition to the elderly age groups there have been general discussions regarding the health of the young during this pandemic as well as more vulnerable groups within our society. Nutrition profiling may well be a service that can help first our food industries to develop new nutrition food options and also help our hospitals, schools and nursing homes to offer foods that will ultimately help with health and wellbeing.