As a parent, 'being green' can feel like adding one more thing to the never-ending to-do list that can bring all your spinning plates crashing to the ground. Especially when we're out and about convenience usually comes wrapped in plastic. 

Having said that, awareness is increasing and lots of cities, businesses and brands are embracing circularity and are actively encouraging consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle. Let me add another one...refill. Celebrating World Refill Day today, 16 June, it is becoming easier to make changes that will help to make single-use plastic a thing of the past. 

From swapping single-use carrier bags to carrying our own water bottle and coffee cups finding a local shop that provides plastic free shopping is becoming easier with the use of technology. 

Check out Refill for their top tips to for getting started and their app to find locations to refill and reuse on the go. Join the Refill Revolution!