Here we go inspire our young generation again, another STEM activity in the Green Day in a local Primary School.

This time, we brought along another toy set which has been verified with our STEM Toys Mark.  180+ students were engaged actively.  We talked about batteries, their substitutes, extended to sustainability.  This is to make them think and commit on Environmental Protection - “Reuse”, “Recycle” & “Reduce”.

“We can use rechargeable batteries.”

“We can use solar panel.  Our school newly installed the solar system.”

“We can bring our water bottles.”

I really enjoy staying with the boys and girls to go through STEM crossover sustainability discussion. Through this kind of events, we can introduce STEM knowledge, sustainability concept and sense of living, we can also bring along toys which are produced by our clients. As a win-win situation to all, their sales channel is extended and widened. Intertek serves again as a bridge in this B2B2C event.

When we build back ever better – we also need to build things back altogether!

Dorothy Lau, Director, Toys and Hardlines
Intertek Hong Kong