There has been a significant rise in plant based foods on our supermarket shelfs as more and more people look at changing their diets and life styles. This article explains that the number of people choosing a non-meat diet is on the rise. Whereas the traditional reasons for exploring a non meat diet are centered around animal welfare and environmental issues it is now believed that other reasons are now coming into play. The key driver for people to explore  plant based foods is health and this has increased in popularity throughout the pandemic. However, it does not mean that people are turning their backs completely on meat with many choosing a Flexiterian diet.

However, this article describes some of the challenges to the food manufacturer entering this market. Taste and texture of the foods are especially important with some surveys demonstrating that 60% of those choosing a non-meat diet chose their food based on taste preferences

More and more traditional meat product producers are looking at developing meat alternatives highlighting that this change in diets is not a fad but becoming more a way of life