Being one of the judges in this annual STEM competition orgainsed by Vocational Training Council, I had chances to learn how to innovate from the STEM projects managed by local students.  This year, the Competition has attracted over 450 students to enter with over 120 project submissions, ranging from secondary schools, the Diploma of Foundation Studies and the Diploma of Vocational Education, and 54 shortlisted project teams entered the final pitch. The aim is to inspire students’ creativity and innovation through the integration and application of STEM knowledge to invent and/or improve for our living.

At this unique time of the era, the theme of the Cup this year “Navigating the New Normal.”

I would like to share with you some great ideas from the project teams from senior schools. The Champion goes to Good Hope Secondary School with project title as “「字」學·自學” (which is a transliteration of a pun as in learning from words”.  It is an application to learn stroke orders of Chinese characters.  It not only facilitated literary acquisition but also in-depth thinking towards Chinese cultures.

The 1st runner-up goes to Ying Wah Girls’ School with project title as “E-steps”.  The concept is to transform energy generated by walking steps to electrical energy.  Everyday we walk over 10,000 steps.  If every step on the planet of ours counts, we can generate a lot of electrical energy and save the planet.  It is a valuable project to be commercialized.

The 2nd runner-up goes to True Light Middle School of H.K with project titled as “Touch-less Smart Toilet System”.  This project concerned wholly hygiene and infection measures.  It is totally adaptable under the New Normal.  The team also got the prize of “Universal Favorite Award”.

I was so honoured to be inspired by the young generation – who has unlimited energy and ideas. Their presentations were both innovative and thought-provoking. 

Let’s build back ever better. 

Dorothy Lau, Director, Toys and Hardlines

Intertek Hong Kong