Having worked from home for the past two years, I can honestly say that living near a park has been a mental mind saver. Having the ability to safely social distance in a public outdoor space has become more important than ever to me, and many communities around the world.  

After all, City parks give us the chance to get outside, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy a sense of our local community. 

USA Today Travel has a contest going on right now for the best City park.  And chances are you have been to more than one of them.

Vote for your favorite park once per day until polls close on Monday, April 11 at noon ET. The 10 winning parks, determined by your vote, will be announced on Friday, April 22.  

I'm a bit biased and voted for Hermann Park for Best City Park. It's in my neighborhood and I can honestly say, it's beautiful!  Let's show just how much #Houston loves #HermannPark! Don't forget to vote every day until the contest closes and share the local love with your neighbors, where ever you live. 

Good luck to all!