I decided to go vegan about 5-6 years ago for my health but more so for the animals. I was fascinated and quite honestly concerned about the source of our food, the treatment of animals and what little I could do to help the planet and I concluded this is where I wanted to start. 

With that said, the key statement there is where "I" wanted to start. I talked about it with my wife as this would impact our meals and our way of cooking which she surprisingly was onboard for however she was not ready to go completely vegan given her addiction to cheese and chocolate.  I was OK with that and happy that she would at least give it a go and cut out meat. 

I did not pressure her or anyone else to convert to veganism, it is a personal decision and I think if we are going to lessen our meat intake, shame is not the way to get people to move in that direction. We must learn what works for us and slowly we will see more and more people seeing the benefits first hand and the transition will naturally happen.