To take part as a company, all you need is €1,000 and 2 minutes, and as an added bonus, the investment pays for itself straight away.

When you're a company director, there's nothing easy about decarbonising your business. 
And with good reason: very often, most of a company's emissions come from its "scope 3", i.e. the world in which it operates.

To reduce your company's emissions, you need to accelerate the global transformation of this famous world in which we live... and on which we depend!

For example, companies that use refrigeration (in the food, industrial and medical sectors, etc.) are directly dependent on fluorinated gases. These gases are needed to produce cold, yet they are currently responsible for 2% of climate change (and thousands of times more warming than CO2).

To decarbonise, these companies cannot reinvent - on their own - the way in which refrigeration is produced on Earth. In this situation, in addition to sobriety, there is only one way to act: play collectively and pool resources on a large scale, to bring out solutions that enable everyone to move forward at the same time. 

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