As a contributor to this £5bn in tech dollars, I found this article interesting. My need to purchase all of the latest communication tech gadgets was not a result of the pandemic but rather a life decision to move to the UK from the USA. I knew from the moment the decision was made that I was going to have to equip my mother's house with all of the latest communication portals necessary to ensure we are able to speak and see each other every day (more so because she wanted to see her grandson!) The ability to speak to her daily has been tremendous support for our 3-year old that does not fully understand why it is not so easy to run to Nana's house but in truth, it has helped me as well. Sometimes the only voice you need to hear is your Mom's (or any special loved one) and today's technology has made that possible. Living in the environment we are all in at the moment is difficult. Not being able to travel as easily to see the ones we love can take a toll on our mental health. We must stay in touch as best we can, for each other. Often all it takes to turn someone's day around is a simple "hello", "I love you", or "I am here for you". So pick up the phone, face time, or even send a text! Remind those you have not seen in a while that you are there and you care. You never know when someone needs to hear it.