World Kindness Day was Nov 13, and it was refreshing to hear local news stations recognizing this day and prompting listeners to be kind.  

You never know what someone is going through, and sometimes holding the door open for someone or saying thank you is appreciated more than you know.

For the last several years, our local news station 96.7 CHYM FM has run a program with the local police department called “Random Acts of Christmas.” They collect donations and nominations to provide a much-needed Christmas surprise for families going through particularly tough times, whether that is overcoming the loss of a loved one, a job loss, a severe illness, or a combination. They meet the selected families on-air and pass along much-needed grocery money and gifts for children who might otherwise not get a Christmas.

As a local community, we should recognize the volunteer hours and the work CHYM and the police department puts into creating this program. Kindness on this level is long remembered, and those who benefit from this will never forget.

But let’s also not forget that little acts of kindness can be influential too and can be simple such as paying for the person’s coffee behind you at the coffee shop. This simple act can also profoundly impact someone’s day, mood, and outlook on life. Let’s all be kind.