Gum litter can be a real problem in the core of populated cities. New York shop owners go to great lengths to remove it from their sidewalks to keep their businesses presentable. It is also not kind to our environment not to mention your shoes if you manage to step on some. Most of the gum we chew is made from synthetic polymers, like plastic, which doesn't break down over time. Leaving gum an unsightly problem in our metropolitan areas. Luckily two entrepreneurs Peter Juul Regnersgaard and Morten Ebdrup have created a startup to solve this problem. Their startup, launched in 2017, is called "True Gum" and it is made from a plastic-free alternative. Their factory in Copenhagen produces 400,000 pieces a day. This gum is made using resin that the Mayan and Aztec people chewed hundreds of years ago. Next time you are in the check-out looking for some gum, look for this eco-friendly option. This could be the solution to gum-free sidewalks and cleaner environment.