Christmas always brings a bit of nostalgia to the air, ushering in the past, and mixing it with the present. It's unavoidable, yet we must reflect and move into our dreams of the present day, sprinkled with a dusting of our future.

On this Christmas, I am reminded of a special gift from my grandmother. This ornament on my tree is the first Christmas ornament my grandfather gave to my grandmother as a Christmas present to hang on their tree. A small toy that graced their lives for over 60 years.

As I reflect on 2020 and 2021, I must look back to see the future. It feels very promising indeed. New beginnings seem to be in perfect timing for many of us as we throw ourselves into 2022 with a leap of faith of better days to come. Dare I say, I'm excited, hopeful, a little shy, but definitely open to this new year.

Nostalgia is important because it reminds us of what we have, what we lost, and it can help us in setting new goals and dreams.

This ornament that was on my tree was lost in a fire this April, 2021, along with all my belongings. And although I can’t place it on my tree this year, I’m reminded of the gift of simplicity and the chance of new beginnings.

So when you decorate your tree or hang the stockings by the fire, and drape the garland around the porch, and prepare to ring in the new year, take a moment to really reflect about how good life really is. Although we may have lost something, or a loved one, nostalgia is there to remind us they are not forgotten.

Happy New Year