Since the end of 2021, Intertek Thailand has started the sustainability project in upcycling PET bottle to produce PPE suit for doctors and nurses to fight with COVID19 pandemic.  The project was well responded by our employees, and they helped to collect more than 50 kg of PET bottle and those would turn to be more than 185 PPE suits. 

At the beginning of 2022, we believe that our people have a lot attention to help our society become a better place and they are willing to build back ever better.  We have looked for more ways to respond our employees’ expectation on expanding the scope of efficient waste management.  Therefore, Intertek Thailand has associated with Recycle Day Thailand, a professional organization in waste management which promotes waste separation and helps to reduce the amount of difficult-to-dispose solid waste from the source.  This project encourages our staff and their family to take parts in waste management as well to improve the environment.

In the end of Q2, with our employees’ support, we have collected more than 295 kg of recycle wastes including mix plastics, HDPE plastics, PET bottles, Document Paper, Cardboard and Glass Bottle.  Those wastes have been delivered into an appropriate waste management process.  With this amount of our employees’ contribution, it helps reduce 611.50 kg in CO2 as equivalents to planting 64 trees for our earth.  This is only the first step for us to reach sustainable development goals.  The next step is we will expand the scope of recycle waste including some e-waste such as smartphone or some electronics devices used within company.