Inspiring change to save our environment

Loy Krathong Festival (ลอยกระทง), known as Thailand’s Festival of Lights, is an annual traditional event celebrated in Southeast Asia to pay respect to the Goddess of Water (or ‘Ganga’ in Hindi) and the Buddha.

Loy Kratong falls on a full moon day of the 12th lunar month when people gather around lakes, rivers, and canals to release krathongs (lotus-shaped rafts decorated with banana leaves, flowers, and candles) as a symbol of worship and to ask for forgiveness from the Goddess of water.

The Kratong is traditionally made from natural materials such as banana or bamboo trunks with some flowers and offerings. However, the use of alternative materials such as styrofoam, paper, and bread has increased over the years, leading to concerns over the environmental impact. And while some people choose eco-friendly Kratong, water pollution cannot be avoided as its decomposition needs bacteria and produces carbon dioxide.

To address these environmental concerns and help Build Back Ever Better, Intertek Thailand has encouraged colleagues to shift from traditional Kratong to digitalized Kratong by launching BBEB: Digitalize Our Kratong. The activity is run through a web application where colleagues can take part in a mini quiz and automatically produce their unique digitalized Kratong as an e-card. Employees can also share and inspire their friends and families to consider this digitalized Loy Kratong Festival as an alternative, to minimize our impact on the environment.