Microsoft recently revealed Copilot for the full range of Microsoft Office products. Copilot bring OpenAi's GPT 4 model into Microsoft Office products like Word and Outlook, however this isn't just adding the ability to ask ChatGPT questions. Copilot is context aware of where you are using it from and can pull from information you have access to in your enterprise.

We have all used spell checkers for years in Microsoft Word and Outlook to avoid spelling mistakes, this takes it much further. Copilot can draft emails for use, help analyse data in Excel or draft PowerPoint presentations. It doesn't stop there - it can recap meetinga and allow you to ask questions about what has been said in the meeting.

The promotional video's make it feel like we have jumped forward 25 years, and in many ways the future they show isn't with us yet. Microsoft are trialing the technology with 20 organisations and have no information on a broader release or how these features will be charged for.

Microsoft are reminding us that this technology will not be perfect, it is there to help us be more productive, but not to replace us. It is up to us, as users to check the information and ensure it is accurate.

This technology offers everyone a helping hand in being more productive, but I am most excited in how this helps to level the playing field for people with disabilities. The barriers Copilot helps to remove will enabled more disabled people in the workplace. More diverse workplaces deliver more innovative and inclusive products and services. 

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