I came across this article from New Zealand where Disability advocates are calling for enforceable standards in tourism. While this may be true for New Zealand, I personally find the same challenge in the UK, and expect that most if not all countries have similar issues.

The article mentions that only 75 of 3500 tourism operators are actively working on accessibility. This is a ridiculously small number compared to the proportion of disabled people in society, which is between 15% and 25% depending on the country.

I am currently looking at travel with my family, and it is unclear at each step of the journey, if I will have the support needed. I need to ring operators and then take their word that it will be dealt with and ok when I travel. However, it is likely that I will have challenges and the support will not be as described. Traveling requires me to constantly work on the assumption that everything will be ok and have multiple backup plans for when the most likely things don't go to plan.