As the world becomes more environmentally cautious due to the fear of completely destroying the planet humans are trying to find renewable sources of energy that have a smaller impact on the Earth. Our traditional resources such as oil and coal are extremely harmful to the environment and not sustainable. Currently, solar energy is becoming more and more popular as harnessing energy from the sun if a viable strategy to power our homes without emitting a large amount of toxins into the air. Scientists are discovering ways to make solar energy production more efficient but what if we could produced so much solar energy that we could store it for 18 years? We all know when it isn't sunny outside solar energy production is poor and isn't an ideal way of creating power but if power could be stored for later this would completely circumvent the problem.

A Swedish university made this a possibility by connecting the stored solar energy to a thermoelectric generator where the energy can be released as heat when needed. With the introduction of solar panels that can absorb UV light when it is cloudy outside or even at night storing power seems like a logical choice. It should be noted the product is still in early development and only small amount of electricity can be generated at this time but the concept has been proven and offers promise for future potential. Now that humanity is feeling the pressure of changing the ways we produce energy this seems like a step in the right direction for a greener future.